Exclusive Customer Leads

You’ve Received Some Free Customer Leads!


Jwhite DayHello!  My name is Jeffrey White and you may have recently received some phone calls with an announcement about some Free Customer Leads.

The reason that you’ve received these leads is because we have some web sites that are appearing on Page 1 of selected Google searches.

Also, we noticed that your business is paying for Google AdWords. For most business it takes 2 or 3 clicks of an AdWords ad to receive a call. If your cost per click (CPC) is $10 – $15 then your cost per prospective customer calling is $20 – $45, a very high new customer acquisition cost.

We Deliver Results With Customer Leads That Need Your Service!

Have you been investing in SEO, marketing services with Google AdWords or Groupon?  We don’t support any of these marketing techniques. What we do is drive new customers to your business with our website pages that get positioned on Page 1 of Google searches for your city. From these pages the prospective customer is provided basic information about your services and given a call-to-action to pick up the phone and call you.

Do You Want More Buying Customers Without the High Cost of Google AdWords?

Our lead referral service provides new customer leads calling directly to your business for about one-half the cost of Google AdWords. We only have one website page for your types of services in your city and only one business can receive the leads.

Reduce Advertising Costs >> Get More Customers!

Call 805-277-1850 today and let’s talk about setting up these leads for your business.